donderdag 25 april 2013

Anniek by jean francois campos

anniek kortleve, model
a mental photograph :

the principal aspect of your personality : observing
the quality that you desire in a man : lust for life
the quality that you desire in a woman : lust for life
what you appreciate the most in your friends : that they’re there
your main fault : i have no regrets but sleeping late might be one of main faults I make almost every morning
your favorite occupation : staring at strangers in the metro
your dream of happiness : teleportation
your idea of misery : not being able to create new memories
your favorite food and drink : i get bored of food quite easily but at the moment I’m really into soups
if not yourself, who would you be : i would be my rabbit
the natural talent you’d like to be gifted with : i wish I had a perfect handwriting
what i hate the most : people you can’t count on
my favorite motto : people should fall in love with their eyes closed (Andy Warhol)
what is style : the way you present yourself to the world

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