donderdag 25 april 2013

Isabeau for NYLON Japan


Welkom Debby !!!

Anniek by jean francois campos

anniek kortleve, model
a mental photograph :

the principal aspect of your personality : observing
the quality that you desire in a man : lust for life
the quality that you desire in a woman : lust for life
what you appreciate the most in your friends : that they’re there
your main fault : i have no regrets but sleeping late might be one of main faults I make almost every morning
your favorite occupation : staring at strangers in the metro
your dream of happiness : teleportation
your idea of misery : not being able to create new memories
your favorite food and drink : i get bored of food quite easily but at the moment I’m really into soups
if not yourself, who would you be : i would be my rabbit
the natural talent you’d like to be gifted with : i wish I had a perfect handwriting
what i hate the most : people you can’t count on
my favorite motto : people should fall in love with their eyes closed (Andy Warhol)
what is style : the way you present yourself to the world

Isabeau for Fantastic !!

Rosanne for ALL magazine

Rosanne working in Istanbul

Nyok in commercial for Polisan Home Cosmetics!

Nyok in this beautiful commercial for Polisan Home Cosmetics

Ylonka Verheul in Prestage magazine


And already signed with Milk Management in Londen.

Welcome Iris !!!

Anniek for shopbop

Anniek Kortleve for Harper's Bazaar UK

UK Harper's Bazaar May 2013
'Briar Rose'
Model: Anniek Kortleve
Photographer: Catherine Servel
Stylist: Leith Clark
Hair: Leonardo Manetti
Make-up: Benjamin Puckey
Manicure: Dawn Sterling

new polaroids Emma van Engelen